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FoodMama is an innovative digital menu application for the hospitality industry that makes food and beverage menus more discoverable, navigable and filterable.

What are the benefits of a digital menu?

Smart menus can perform in a range of functions to help improve operations, increase sales, enhance customer experience and expand business reach.

  • Real-Time Menu Control

    Remove, substitute and add dishes quickly and efficiently, ensuring customers are never left disappointed with menu changes or unavailability.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Ensure compliance with EU allergen labelling and US FDA nutritional data regulations.

  • Increased Table Turn

    Reduce the time customers spend deciphering a menu, minimise order error and enable faster, more accurate selections.

  • Up and Cross Sell

    Increase the average order value with up and cross selling opportunities, promote offers and deals and offer food and beverage pairing advice.

  • Integrated Marketing

    Inform customers of new deals and offers, advertise promotions inside the menu or create a bespoke splash page communication.

  • Personalised Browsing

    Offer customers the ability to browse and filter the menu according to personal preferences, lookup detailed dish information and use useful tools such as bill splitter and tip calculator.

  • Powerful Analytics

    Analyse menu usage and customer feedback statistics to report on menu KPIs whilst managing potential positive and negative social media interaction.

  • Attract New Customers

    Make your menu discoverable online and on mobile and increase accessibility with multi-language translation at the tap of a screen.

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Be smarter with a Smart Menu…

Learn more about your customers and service with integrated analytics.

Achieve high response rates

Give customers an outlet to discreetly voice their opinion directly via their smartphones. The feedback system provides a reliable source of information for restaurant development at a reduced cost compared to other traditional feedback tools.

Real-time statistic feedback tool

Get real-time reports online; review survey responses instantly and analyse your customer's experience all through an online cloud-based hub.

Create customer advocacy

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